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Transport information
- Train company in Belgium: NMBS-SNCB

- With a Go Pass, (for people younger than 26 years) you can take 10 single 2nd class trips between two Belgian stations of your choice (frontier points excluded), for 50,00 € . It's valid for 1 year and isn't individual.
So you can use it together with your friends or lend it out on condition they're under 26 as well.
When you only need a few ride, you can also buy a GoPass1 online (and only online) for 6,50€
The Rail Pass is the same system but for people older than 26 year and it costs 76€
Take care: fill it in before you jump on the train to avoid a fine.

- Local transports in Flanders:De Lijn

- Local transports in Wallonia: TEC

- Local transports in Brussels: STIB-MIVB

- Airports: Ryanair (in Charleroi) & National Airport (in Brussels)

Last minute?
PLEASE DON'T POST REQUESTS IN THIS GROUP, but check the Last Minute Couch in Belgium group.

More info soon... :)

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