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A little like for my picture : Picture

The objective of this group is to customize your profil thanks to the various tools on Internet as for example : pictures. We can so share smartness to improve your page profile, Internet links... I invite you to se My blog about Canada :


free counters

...and, if you have others ideas or Internet site or code site to improve your profil to be more fun and attractive...

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Guillaume MaurinGuillaume Maurin moderator 12/29/2008
Dan JacobsonDan Jacobson to see how you dweebs do it 08/01/2010
Ellyza Ellyza 03/04/2014
Michele BondesanMichele Bondesan 12/18/2013
maria_martinez_1maria_martinez_1 Improve my profile 04/07/2014
michaelhahamichaelhaha 09/08/2013
Alberto Zugno Alberto Zugno 06/04/2013


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