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To discuss political issues, humanitarian issues, in Egypt and the region and the whole world. The No 1 rule of any democratic discussion is to address the subject itself and not the persons themselves.

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EGYBOY EGYBOY moderator I would like to have a forum where socio-political issues in my home country can be discussed openly, liberally and without bigotry. 10/17/2009
HOSSULTAN HOSSULTAN moderator To discuss politics...amongest other things.... 01/05/2009
Yanica HollmannYanica Hollmann 09/16/2012
PISHPIRIKOUPISHPIRIKOU will travel there in summer 06/25/2012
Magdy AzizMagdy Aziz Adore Politics 07/21/2012
Glenda MercureGlenda Mercure To be able to read the post and learn from others thoughts.... 10/29/2009
Mohamed Ahmed Gad El-MaoulaMohamed Ahmed Gad El-Maoula 09/21/2010


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Hello to all the group, i would like to invite you all to this eventHertzel-  04/07/2010
Why is it , that middle eastern countries are always backward, socially, economically .HOSSULTAN1  01/23/2010
social project and possibility to volunteerEmanuel Rauber1  01/14/2010
Ashraf Strikes Again!EGYBOY-  12/21/2009
Ashraf Sewailam Sings this week in CairoEGYBOY3  12/08/2009
can (Islamic) religion play a role in empowering women?HOSSULTAN21  10/26/2009
What constitutes moderation?EGYBOY3  10/23/2009
If I may say a word??Ahmed Al Haddad18  10/22/2009
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