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Cromwell is "one" of the hearts of Central Otago. Years past has seen it's changes from a gold town, to a fruit town,clyde dam builders host town, {half of which was sunk by the rising dam waters} to now one of the premier wine growing areas in NZ. Great place to stop off.

If you are looking for a couch, we suggest you try the personal approach first, but if you have been left in the lurch and stranded and need a last second couch then you can look for a couch through this group. Other groups you may find there is a sub group "last minute couch".


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Back in Cromwell again. Does anyone want to meet up ? here untill Sun the 8th od Jan 2012. I play at the farmers market on Sun but happy to catch up before then too.Craig Smith-  01/05/2012
Meet up ?? here till Jan 3rd 2010Craig Smith1  01/09/2010
1,000,000 profiles was hit at exactly 2.31pm on Fri.Craig Smith-  03/13/2009
Welcome and here's to the Cromwell CS community continuing to growCraig Smith-  01/11/2009