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Drammen is a city where it is easy to get in touch with people. The city has mainly been build up around wood industry and has had a reputation of being lowbred.

The late years, Drammen has been refurbished. The paper mills are gone, the river has been cleaned up and there are a lovely outdoor area with parks along the riverbanks for several miles. There are still industry, and Drammen is one of the most important stock goods harbours in Norway.

Drammen is located only 40 km west of Oslo.
It is not the location if you want to know the most spectacular parts of norwegian nature. But it is a good place to stay if you will get to know the real Norway.

For more information about Drammen, check these links:

-Drammen Wikipedia pages



The former CS Oslo Parties Google Calender has, as off
today, been extended to cover not just Oslo, but also
the regions around Oslo: Akershus and Buskerud. And
that of course includes Drammen.

To view what is happening around you bookmark the
following link in your browser to have easy access and
never ever miss a gathering!

Check the to find out about CS meetings, events, and more in OSLO and the bigger areas of Oslo including Buskerud and Akershus!

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