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Enables communication and interaction among members present in New York's Mid-Hudson Valley and adjacent areas. The group's extent is a 50 mile radius from Rosendale NY, which includes the area south of Albany, east of East Branch, north of Suffern, and west of Torrington CT.
http://bucksvsbytes.com/csmap shows the 100-mile diameter of the intended area but anyone can join, of course.

Outdoor activities take advantage of the Catskill Forest Preserve (speed bumps by global standards but great recreational mountains), the Hudson River valley (celebrating the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's visit and the coining of the Iroquois Indian phrase, "There goes the neighborhood!"), and the Shawangunks (world famous rock climbing and other recreation). We're an easy two hours from New York City, one hour from Albany, by car or bus, so come visit. We also have a giant ancient meteor crater but you only see indirect evidence of the 11 million megaton impact, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panther_Mountain_%28New_York%29

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John GuntherJohn Gunther moderator 01/15/2009
Kat CooperKat Cooper Looking for adventures in the lovely Mid-Hudson Valley. 04/12/2010
KISHWAUKEE KISHWAUKEE Enjoying nature 'upstate' of NY 01/26/2011
Gemma VilajosanaGemma Vilajosana I am new at this area and I want to meet new people and have great time! 09/30/2013
Stephen PepeStephen Pepe Mid-Hudson = occasional home base 10/01/2013
Michelle DeVonaMichelle DeVona 06/02/2012
Fran BeardFran Beard I moved to hudson valley 7/2013 11/22/2013
Jane Carhart Jane Carhart lived in Hudson Valley 30+ years and visit often 04/10/2014


Mid-Hudson Cycle Surfers42
New Paltz7772
Woodstock, NY393

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