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Exchanging favour in Iceland for now


i want to make this sub-group inside reykjavik group about exchange anything ... everything ... example
i am good in cooking or repairing dress or whatever and u are good in fixing car or giving massage ecc... so we talk and if we got an agreement we just exchange what we are good at ... without asking any money... HOW DOES THIS SOUND?!!? ISNT GREAT... LET US GIVE A TRY ... HAVE FUN EVERYONE AND CHALLENGE U SELF IN GIVING AND RECEIVING ... ENJOY IT!

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Created: Jan 18, 2009
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Markus_HausererMarkus_Hauserer read the group description 12/17/2013
Harald Havsteen-MikkelsenHarald Havsteen-Mikkelsen Going to spend june on iceland 05/11/2013
sabrina Poppinssabrina Poppins 10/06/2013
Sighvatur PálssonSighvatur Pálsson I live in Iceland 01/23/2014
Ida BomanIda Boman I'd like to start cooperations with MUAs, stylists, designers during my stay in Reykjavik (14-30/4). I'm a photographer and my plan is to shoot fashion in the amazing environments of Iceland during my stay there. 03/04/2014
Magdalena SzatkowskaMagdalena Szatkowska 02/08/2014
Philipp AmannPhilipp Amann 02/23/2014


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Is time to cook! How about Chinese food?Joey Chung-  07/14/2009
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