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Welcome to the beautiful country of Estonia! Where the beaches are sandy and Christmas is white, where sauna is the place where you want to spend all winter long any beverage below 20% is considered non-alcoholic, where Internet is free and locals are incredibly friendly (and damn cute)... The groups is for the people who live (or are coming to live) in Estonia, people who will be traveling to Estonia, these who are hopelessly in love with this country, or just Estophiles to get together and exchange information, ideas, thoughts and plans.
Upcoming events:
1. Regular monthly meeting in Tallinn : on the second Friday of every month. To help you plan your trip to Estonia here's some useful links: * Article about Estonia in Wikipedia * Visit Estonia * Official website of Tallinn's tourist info * Events in Tallinn * Weather in Estonia * Pictures of Estonia on Flickr

Take your time to read through and look for a suitable host. There are a lot of active CS'ers in Estonia that would love to help you.

And now some important rules:

Please ask for hospitality directly to the people rather than leave an open message to this group: Use the CouchSearch! and you will see how helpful and hospitable Estonians are. If it is an emergency, then use the Estonia Emergency Couch Group instead.

Do not post here for: job search and offer, PR messages for events you earn money from, commercial ads, room search, politics, religious matters, anything else you even indirectly earn money from, etc. Paid accommodation promotion is NOT allowed.

Region or City related topics can be posted here as well: Estonia is a small country and the Estonia group has more members than individual city groups :)

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