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I guess everybody has seen the part of your profile where it says: "Teach. Learn. Share."

It also says: "This is the beginnings of the future CouchSurfing University, a school where everyone's a student and everyone's a teacher. Surfing isn't just be about a place to sleep. It's about exchange. From esoteric knowledge to practical skills, you have special knowledge that others will benefit from knowing. Include one, or even a couple of items here that you might be able to share - and maybe something you want to learn! We hope that this will contribute to strengthening the quality of this wonderful community. Teach. Learn. Share. Let's do this."

A few CS-communities took it a step further and organized workshops from CouchSurfers for other CouchSurfers, like for example in Berlin, Germany.

Here you can read more infos about the University-idea in the CS-wiki: wiki.couchsurfing.com/en/University
And here is a group that discusses about it: www.couchsurfing.com/group.html?gid=2224

But in the end it is organized different everywhere and it depends what resources are available, what people are willing to teach. So I wanted to start a discussion about this topic, because I really like the idea and I think we have enough people and a very active community to get enough interesting workshops together.

My ideas are: Bellydancing, Juggling, Photography, Cooking, Languages, Music instruments, Yoga, Meditating, etc...


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Jan KeckJan Keck moderator 01/19/2009
Niraj MukhiNiraj Mukhi Second year student at UofT! 01/22/2014
Bouchra ArbachBouchra Arbach Why not! 05/16/2013
Josh L.Josh L. Making friends 02/20/2010
Maria PelufoMaria Pelufo want to participate in this project. 02/05/2009
Manon BuckinghamManon Buckingham 04/16/2013
Olia Eliasberg Olia Eliasberg I go to UofT--let's hang out! 08/25/2011
Mehdi SaffarianMehdi Saffarian 05/20/2013


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