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Barcelona Basketball


Para todos los aficionados de baloncesto que juegan en Barcelona!
Podríamos organizar partidos en la ciudad!

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Created: Jan 20, 2009
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Víctor MorVíctor Mor 09/27/2011
StrExploringStrExploring 03/14/2013
Luis TovarLuis Tovar jmn mn 05/22/2010
OushkaOushka information 01/21/2014
mtm05005mtm05005 To find places to play basketball in Barcelona 09/04/2012
CATALANNICACATALANNICA viviendo en barcelona actualmente 06/15/2011
David Podadera MárquezDavid Podadera Márquez I like basket! 03/16/2014
Salvador MartínSalvador Martín M'agrada jugar 04/03/2011


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Basket in BadalonaDavid Podadera Márquez-  03/16/2014
play basketballCATALANNICA1  01/21/2014
Indoor pickup games?mtm0500525  11/18/2012
Play regularly 1-2/weekChris H17  11/03/2012
Kinda different question;)Marcin Wolski-  10/29/2012
"Morning" BasketSalvador Martín3  10/14/2012
Today is the day!Víctor Mor1  09/07/2012
Anyone knows a good place for playing basketball? I would like to play !!Ildiko Milanovich7  07/12/2012
Hello:)Marcin Wolski-  06/08/2012
Some basketball next weekend? ¿Partido para algún finde?Ferran Porchas Miret2  05/01/2012
Hola!, apetece un partido este miercoles?, game this wednesday?Dani del Carmen Villavieja1  04/04/2012
Basquet hoy domingo?Ivan Rodriguez-  03/24/2012
Couch or beer for an Italian basketball coach?Richard Lelli-  03/05/2012
Street ball pick up games?Martin Glans3  02/22/2012
Copa del Rey 2012Alejandro Prendes-  12/06/2011
any street basketball these days?Ruini TANG-  11/17/2011
Tuesday street basketSalvador Martín1  09/25/2011
Buscas equipo de basquet?Ivan Rodriguez5  09/23/2011
MañanaJohan Maes7  08/27/2011
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