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Getting Funds to this Non-Profit Project


Members of this Grand Cultural Project!!!

I call to you to brainstorm your ideas on how to get a little bit of money to help sustain the increasing financial needs of CouchSurfing.

As our community grows, the expenses are growing with us! If we want to become a better and better site everyday, we will have to eventually make a little bit of money to sustain this Non-Profit network place...

What are your ideas? Opinions? Suggestions? Let's get to work!

--Actually, this was Hussein's idea, but he was afraid you wouldn't take him seriously... hehe...

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EXUPERY08EXUPERY08 I have ideas for project related to revenue generation 09/20/2009
Dhanna Purohit Dhanna Purohit because i'm a member of an NGO in JAISALMER (RAJASTHAN) INDIA. 01/14/2008
Andre e Natasa Golosin Cester CostaAndre e Natasa Golosin Cester Costa ngo ;) 02/27/2010
Kwame Gh GhanaKwame Gh Ghana Would like to learn more... 12/22/2012
Darryl Milner Darryl Milner Proud Member! 12/02/2010
Mahama LaariMahama Laari please i am from Ghana and i own an orphanage home and private school and i am looking for more ideas and partnership and volunteers 12/22/2012


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