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RIO - Emergency Couch


Before joining this group, take a look at our...



We consider as emergency:

- Your host canceled the couch in the last minute;
- After using the tool Couch Search, among thousands of hosts, you couldn't find any couch and this is your last week trying to get hosted;
- Your host has just died (hope not...);
- Other kinds that you must say in your message.

Please, don't be lazy and use the standard tool, called Couch Search (http://www.couchsurfing.org/mapsurf.html), to look for a couch. There's also a link in the description of this group.

Good luck!


How to Join This Group:

When you click on "join group" in the "RIO - Emergency Couch" group the system will show you this field:

"Why are you joining?"

Please write whatever you want/need BUT, at the beginning we need to know the EXPIRATION date of your request (in DD/MM/YYYY format).

Eg: "10/12/2010 - traveling to Rio for ..." for 10 december 2010.

We (moderators) need this to remove your subscription when you will not need anymore this group. Of course you are free to join the group when you need it again.

We will remove, without any further notification to the member, all those profiles that don't have this information in the field explained above.



Got Couch or Your Request Time is Expired?

If you got your couch or your time is expired, please leave this group, as you'll not need it anymore.

If you don't follow these rules, you'll be removed from this group. Feel free to join it again and put the infos we need.


Tried CouchSearch but nobody answered you? Your couch had a last minute cancelation? Has your host just died?! (Hope not...) Here you have a second chance to find a couch in Rio.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your plans, say the period you'll be here and wait to see if any of our hosts is interested in hosting you.

But, please, be aware that the CouchSearch tool is still the standard way of finding a couch. Try to choose your host first and, if it doesn't work out, risk your chance to be chosen by us.

If you want to stay in a specific area, take a look of this map, where some CSers are listed with their location: Google Maps - CS Rio.

It's important to know that posting here doesn't guarantee that you'll be hosted.

********** ~X~ **********

We ask you to report any spam, about room advertisement people may send you, to Contact Us - Problem With Another Member. Thank you.

Good luck and welcome to Rio. We are sure you will love this incredible and wonderful city! ;)

********** ~X~ **********


- How to write a couch request:

- How to be a good guest:

- Quick guide for new members:

- General tips:

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