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Real Peace and Freedom thru collective collaboration... This group can assist travelers who are committed to "Do It Yourself" (D.I.Y.) skillz-sharing projects in South Korea. Anything from home-brewing bio-diesel with waste-grease to building solar cookers from trash... mokkoli, kimchi AND GOATS TOO! Si se puede... 할수있어요... "Yes we can"

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Created: Feb 3, 2009
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Peter GalloPeter Gallo moderator 02/03/2009
John HodgesJohn Hodges Going to Korea for July. Want to explore Korean subcultures etc. 06/23/2013
Caley FergusonCaley Ferguson I have skills, too! 12/10/2012
Michael TokarzMichael Tokarz I want to D.I.mYself 09/10/2011
Hyo jin YounHyo jin Youn interest in DIY 05/15/2013
oceanontuesdayoceanontuesday I want to exchange skills. 11/12/2013
Wonnie LEEWonnie LEE 08/02/2009
Irma GurIrma Gur Want to 02/26/2013


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