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Mal richtig Dampf ablassen? Der Welt mal anständig die Meinung sagen? Los geht's...

(Well, just a start. ;) )

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Ollie TupmanOllie Tupman moderator 02/05/2009
Anna N.Anna N. 07/15/2012
Anna  ScirèAnna Scirè 06/06/2012
Raphael FellmerRaphael Fellmer I live in Berlin and i love Speaker Corners, discussions and any kind of exchange of thoughts 06/01/2012
Valentine_FreyValentine_Frey Want to meet to discuss economics 09/24/2011
AnastisAnastis Speak! 02/01/2010


Berlin Bullies11

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Shooting a Documentary about Dreams and RealityFlorian Karner-  12/14/2012
HAST DU LUST KOSTENLOS LEBENSMITTEL ZU RETTEN, dabei noch was Gutes für die Umwelt, Tiere und Menschen zu tun? Dann ließ weiterRaphael Fellmer-  11/08/2012
Looking for someone to explain central banking to me (from a non-paranoiac perspective).Valentine_Frey2  04/14/2012
One male Photographer, one female Model In BerlinAnastis-  06/19/2010
Concert Invitation for Thursday the 25th of MarchAnastis-  03/19/2010
Awakening of the Inner God, Conference in BerlinFarbe1001-  11/30/2009
Minarett yes or nowWIEGALD2  11/30/2009
Shall the US get access to our bank information?ichbindannmalweg2  11/27/2009
Mauerfallshit is going on my nerves!WIEGALD5  11/06/2009
1,131,855 plus 1Bob Swan2  10/22/2009
Shall it be for fobidden to drin alcohol in trains?ichbindannmalweg7  10/22/2009
whereeuropeendsLAURA_151  10/08/2009
Stell dir vor es ist Bundestagswahl und keiner geht hin...COHIBA224  09/26/2009
Neues aus dem Ministerium für Symbolpolitik, Aktionismus und WahlpropagandaCOHIBA232  08/04/2009
European Elections 2009 - Will you go vote?Claudia H16  06/08/2009
Tell me why and should the number not be higherBob Swan3  05/22/2009
Berlin Group - Which language to use? Which topics to discuss?ichbindannmalweg40  05/21/2009
17.5. 11 Uhr Demo, 12 Uhr MenschenketteMatthias Hatzak2  05/21/2009
Animation zur Berliner MauerCOHIBA2-  05/20/2009
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