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Hi.Everyone who believe in Armenian - Turkish friendship are allowed to join this group. We hate the "hatred". We believe that whe are brothers and sisters. We are all the same!

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Created: Feb 6, 2009
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Fatih Birinci Fatih Birinci moderator 02/06/2009
Begüm BBegüm B 12/29/2010
AUSSIEADVENTURER AUSSIEADVENTURER I strongly support this! 09/30/2010
Marina AslanyanMarina Aslanyan 05/11/2013
Yucel KilicYucel Kilic I belive in fellowship 02/08/2009
Artyom KHArtyom KH Nothing is impossible 04/12/2009
Vazken KaljianVazken Kaljian Travelling through Istanbul, hosting in Toronto 02/01/2014


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