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Getting Rid of Sh*t? Need Anything? LOCAL FREE STUFF!


This group has 2 purposes:

1. to give away free, wonderful, re-usable stuff to our CS family! Save it from the landfill, sidewalk or god forbid, craigslist! you can post things here. (please try to make a link to pics to minimize post responses.)

2. To commit acts of kindness to the cs family here.
Are you sick and need soup, a movie or something to laugh at? need someone to feed your cat/fish/plants while you travel? move your car every tuesday so it wont get towed while you are globetrotting:)?

Do you need help moving? a ride to the airport? need to borrow a vacuum or something else?

Are you BORED? want random entertainment? Need help writing a resume' or taxes or fixing your bike....?

(intro taken from Princes Rachels SF group: http://www.couchsurfing.com/group.html?gid=9554 -- wonderful idea!)


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Created: Feb 7, 2009
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Lilia VillaLilia Villa moderator 02/07/2009
Daniel PikeDaniel Pike moderator 02/07/2009
Emily StockingEmily Stocking To get and give 01/22/2014
Levar JohnsonLevar Johnson because i made one and no one joined lol! 07/20/2010
Abe ProffittAbe Proffitt To share with the couchsurf family and prevent further things from piling up at the dump. 04/04/2013
Sean ConwaySean Conway I don't want to toss good stuff 01/08/2013
modernmuse61 modernmuse61 traveling thru doing art shows and markets...need stuff, and need to unload stuff. 07/30/2013
Scott JohnsonScott Johnson Cause I have and sometimes need 03/06/2013


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  Title By Replies Date
Complete Queen Bed with mattress abd boxspringlala Campbell-  08/17/2013
market umbrellamodernmuse61-  07/30/2013
Just moved from Cincinnati with what fit in my car.Rebecca Tassoni1  07/27/2013
Just moved across the coutry from the midwest. Need kitchen stuffChris Stone-  06/12/2013
Sport Shoes :D?melltuga-  05/11/2013
Free Futon good conditionShae Weiss2  02/19/2013
Looking for Nike running shoesKyren Lynch-  01/29/2013
mattressSean Conway-  01/08/2013
Surfboard Leash or Surfing buddy?Dianna Cowern1  12/03/2012
looking for a futonIndia Genack-  11/26/2012
San Francisco - LA (or san diego) 23/11Elena Fuentes-  11/23/2012
San Diego LA today!!!Elena Fuentes-  11/21/2012
hi guys :) moving to san diego and need furnitureAlexandra Weston-  06/26/2012
1- Free Zoo EntryJAYENA MISTRY3  12/08/2011
Looking for a ride 2 People to LA or San FranciscoSophie Kunzle1  10/27/2011
need stuffed animals for a kindergarten carnivalPeggy Russell1  10/07/2011
Looking for Patio Table & Chairsiconocrashtic-  08/24/2011
couchesJAYENA MISTRY1  07/21/2011
power adaptor from british system to belgianfiona Kartelo-  07/20/2011
power adaptor from british system to belgianfiona Kartelo-  07/20/2011
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