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For drifters, trekkers, pilgrims, vagabonds, and explorers of all types.

If you find yourself blowing like a tumbleweed through the wasteland of life or you've come across a Shangri-la in the middle of nowhere and want to share some good vibes with a like-minded soul, you've come to the right place.

Low-maintenance, grungy, dirty, drifter - you go from town to town with nothing more than a sleeping bag and a knapsack (maybe a toothbrush)... you're happy with a harmonica and a fire; hot springs are your bathtub.

If you don't care if you are sleeping under a roof or the stars, take some time to introduce yourself - you may find that you aren't alone.

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Created: Feb 11, 2009
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JORDON JORDON moderator 02/11/2009
Athena ComptonAthena Compton I have a few more things than a knapsack and a sleeping bag, but it all fits in my Geo Metro! I am a true gypsy! 05/22/2012
Vijay RanaVijay Rana 06/29/2013
Curtis BrionesCurtis Briones I am a drifter Soul Love into the wild 06/12/2009
Moureen ConyersMoureen Conyers I would love to be a wanderer! 08/11/2009
Owen DihardjaOwen Dihardja sounds and visions complete my soul. 05/04/2013
Vanessa FromanVanessa Froman Why not? I'm a wanderer! 03/22/2013


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