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Seattle Camping Cancelled/Changed


This is for the use of anyone attending the June event in Seattle who wants to camp on Whidbey afterwards.

To coordinate dates, camping equipment, etc.

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Created: Feb 12, 2009
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VERMOOSEVERMOOSE The Cascades are a favorite 04/16/2009
Sudhir Manchanda Sudhir Manchanda To see what I'm going to be missing. 02/15/2009
Anita LegsdinAnita Legsdin I'm interested in potentially joining the camping trip this June! 02/19/2009
özlem Değirmenciözlem Değirmenci i want to join this camp overly bec seattle is an important phenomenon bec of '99 resistance. another world is possible!! 05/02/2009
Tom Glenn Tom Glenn Ifor fun and new friends. 04/05/2009
Barb Wood Barb Wood I live near Seattle 02/23/2009
Cherie ErwinCherie Erwin Because I love these guys 02/13/2009
Jo YoungJo Young hawaii 01/15/2010


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Hope you all have a wonderful timeSudhir Manchanda-  02/15/2009
Count Me InCherie Erwin-  02/15/2009
Can't plan this on my own without input....Lotuslander3  02/14/2009
Thanks, PattyCherie Erwin-  02/13/2009