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this group is for İstanbul cser who needs to dicuss all topic or who need an advise for any topic.

Also we need your help for modernizing the İstanbul group and community.

and we re opened all of your ideas, we hope we will find a fair platform by this group.

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Created: Feb 15, 2009
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Yurdanur Ufkum MurzoğluYurdanur Ufkum Murzoğlu moderator nowadays .. only to catch someone who is LAZ!! (: 02/15/2009
CANNNCANNN just for enjoy 06/24/2011
Başak BinerBaşak Biner 01/07/2012
DARK LADY DARK LADY all my friends here....:) 02/25/2010
GONULGONUL To give the point of my view also. 03/24/2010
Barış BozkurtBarış Bozkurt for friendship 03/27/2010


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Poll: How we choose our current-future hosts BOUNTY_TR41  09/23/2010

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