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Meetings for Cooking/Eating/Dining/Drinking in Salzburg


Hello Salzburger and others!

Anyone that is interested in cooking, eating, dining, etc. in Salzburg and who likes to exchange recipes and enjoy good company is more than welcome to join this group!


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Created: Feb 21, 2009
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JACQUIE_SALSERAJACQUIE_SALSERA moderator Oh yeah, let's all wine and dine together and exchange great recipes :-) 02/22/2009
Mirjam BauerMirjam Bauer I really love cooking and maybe i love eating even more ;) 02/23/2014
Baban RahmanBaban Rahman 10/02/2012
Mariia PoMariia Po Now Im in Salzburg ang looking for somebody to meet 02/28/2014
BOROTVLBOROTVL I love cooking & eating :) 01/16/2014
Liene PavlovskaLiene Pavlovska cool 03/22/2014
MARCOPIERREMARCOPIERRE Man does not live on bread alone;) 11/15/2009
Eugen RuzickyEugen Ruzicky 03/05/2014



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Poll: GlühweinabendBerndMerker1  01/31/2010

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Someone to drink something or walk along SalburgCintia Pereyra2  07/04/2012
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