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Language exchage/言語交換 in Japan


This group is mainly for searching language exchange partners in Japan. No matter what language you wanna exchange. Post and try find your partner.

It's just beginning. It isn't really active yet. You have to be patient.




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Olga Fokina Olga Fokina moderator Nihon Go Kudasai 04/26/2009
Tave CTave C 12/04/2013
EMI_JAPAN EMI_JAPAN I'd like to improve my English and make new friends. 07/02/2013
Joy ZengJoy Zeng just wanna learn more about Japan 04/09/2014
Taiyo MatsudaTaiyo Matsuda I would like to study English!!! 02/20/2014
Eisuke NarihiroEisuke Narihiro make friends 03/23/2013
BATAYANBATAYAN I would like to participate in Language exchange 04/06/2014
Zurab JamagidzeZurab Jamagidze 03/28/2014



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Poll: Japanese, English and Mandarin Exchange 裕一中村-  12/07/2014
Poll: mari batasmaribatas1  05/15/2013

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My norwegian / English for you're Japanesekristian.sen1  04/17/2014
My japanese / Your Chinese ExchangeBATAYAN-  04/06/2014
My Japanese and your English. Language exchange!!!Atsuki Kojima7  04/05/2014
Im japanese,youre Englishyumi235  03/31/2014
your English or Russian-my JapaneseChihiro Hasegawa12  03/29/2014
My Japanese ⇔ Your EnglishTsuzuki Hitomi14  03/28/2014
Your Arabic ⇔ My Japanese in Tokyo(around Shinjyuku)Ayaka Hando-  03/20/2014
My English, Dutch or German for your JapaneseGijs Peters1  03/20/2014
want to learn japaneseAurimas Maslauskas2  03/19/2014
Help with a phrase in Japanese, pleaseclara.c1  03/14/2014
my english/french for your japanese! =^.^=cha chi Whitesides-  03/03/2014
(April 2014) My French/English ⇔ Your JapanesePatrick Chevé-  03/02/2014
Living in Japan for 4 months, want to learn Japanese, can teach you English :)Liz Truong2  02/26/2014
documentary about CouchsurfingYerko Grino1  02/21/2014
My Japanese⇔Your English in OsakaMiku Fujimaru4  02/19/2014
Volunteers, Music Lovers,Musicians,Artists, Painters, Travelers,Students,Teachers,Photographers, Dancers,Writers, Film makers, Surfers, Divers, Yoga and Meditation lovers who wants to change their life invited for a Cultural and Spiritual FestivalRoopak Chatterjee-  02/12/2014
Exchange language Italian/japaneseGiorgia Faga3  02/06/2014
Learning Japanese日本語を勉強していますCindy Zhang-  02/03/2014
Exchange language My Japanese to Your EnglishNoriko Koshio-  02/01/2014
your French⇔ my Japanese in Kyoto or Osaka!Satoka Yamaguchi2  01/22/2014
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