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Language exchage/言語交換 in Japan


This group is mainly for searching language exchange partners in Japan. No matter what language you wanna exchange. Post and try find your partner.

It's just beginning. It isn't really active yet. You have to be patient.




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Olga Fokina Olga Fokina moderator Nihon Go Kudasai 04/26/2009
Taiyo MatsudaTaiyo Matsuda I would like to study English!!! 02/20/2014
Aki TAki T 02/19/2013
Kohei KatoKohei Kato I want to find someone who like Japanese and kids to learn, make friend, show my kids other culture. 02/02/2014
Atsuki KojimaAtsuki Kojima I wanna learn English 01/16/2014
EMI_JAPAN EMI_JAPAN I'd like to improve my English and make new friends. 07/02/2013
Maiko TomohiroMaiko Tomohiro 'Cause I speak Japanese ;) 01/08/2014
AKI HASEGAWAAKI HASEGAWA I wanna learn other language 04/01/2013



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Poll: Japanese, English and Mandarin Exchange 裕一中村-  12/07/2014
Poll: mari batasmaribatas1  05/15/2013

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who wanna take lesson from me?mari Batas4  07/26/2013
I'm looking for Swedish exchange or English with japaneseNoriko Koshio-  07/15/2013
英語と日本語言語交流TEXAS_CHIK44-  07/02/2013
i'm so interested to know much more about your rich culture.Mohamed Ghavami-  06/28/2013
Electronic TranslatorRomina Berger4  06/17/2013
Written Spanish or English in exchange of written Japanese (in Nagoya or Tsukuba)Alejandra Quirós-  06/14/2013
Japanese to English/Italian exchangeEmiko Otsuka2  06/10/2013
Looking for people who can exchange Japanese and Spanish in OsakaSaori Higo2  06/05/2013
Translation from English into JapaneseStefan.Andreas-  06/01/2013
My Japanese for your English :) in Kyoto,Osaka or via SkypeRyu_63-  06/01/2013
Exchange in KyotoEri O4  05/28/2013
中国北京人は日本人友達探している、中国語も日本語も英語も交流できますJonny Qiao1  04/20/2013
Please somebody help my English, I can kindly teach Japanese! :-)Ayumi Shimoda7  04/18/2013
online English language forum for learning EnglishTami Shed-  04/09/2013
I want to learn japanese in exchange of Norwegian or Englishkristian.sen-  04/01/2013
Learning Japanese in exchange of English or Chinese.lucio Chen-  04/01/2013
Turkish learners?Ozgu Ozden-  03/28/2013
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