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Berlin bicycle / biking tours to the hinterland of town and Brandenburg


There's many pure nature around that big moloch Berlin ;) what is perfect to relax from on bicycle. Here's the possibility to ride the bikes together =) Cruise, Mountain Bike, road bike, ... let's find together from time to time!

PLEASE - filled out profiles!!! =)

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AJTAK ENERAJTAK ENER moderator 02/27/2009
Coni  + ÁngelConi + Ángel would like to get out more 06/16/2013
Marion EckertMarion Eckert 03/23/2014
Shanti.Shanti Shanti.Shanti 03/11/2013
VALERUBVALERUB i like cycling. 05/31/2009
JULITOLIKAJULITOLIKA I like biking! 06/17/2013
Roberto GarcíaRoberto García Because I love cycling ! 03/25/2009
Ilka NeugebIlka Neugeb I love getting out of town by bike for a day (and happily getting back to town afterwards) 03/02/2014


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