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United States CouchSurfing Newsletter


This is the working group for the United States CS Newsletter.

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Created: Mar 4, 2009
Type: Public

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Jessie HallJessie Hall 02/07/2014
ASHLEY SFASHLEY SF This looks like a great idea! I'd love to help! 03/05/2009
Marta Gwyn Collier Marta Gwyn Collier I think this is a fabulous idea and would love to help with the newsletter! 10/28/2009
Sharon Joyce Sharon Joyce I think the CS Newsletter is a great idea, and want to help 04/22/2009
JTheisJTheis 03/09/2009
Ray MisraRay Misra To stay in the loop 12/12/2009
Taryn Nash Taryn Nash I am CS America! Well, me and the other hundred thousand or so.... 03/05/2009
Miles Erickson Miles Erickson To contribute 03/17/2009


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Get the news out // Find us some volunteers with ideas!Derek5  04/28/2009
Publishing & Delivery MethodsDerek1  04/15/2009
Introduce YourselfDerek3  04/14/2009
Vision of a NewsletterDerek-  03/04/2009
Basic Organization of the NewsletterDerek-  03/04/2009