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Travel partners & Car pooling in Iceland


Are you looking for travel partners while in Iceland? Someone to share the cost of a rental car or hike with to the middle of nowhere? You’ve come to the right place then…

This is a group for all of you who are seeking out someone to share a ride or travel with. Whether you already have everything planned and just need someone to full up an extra seat in your car or you want to find someone who is open to suggestions you are all welcome to post your ideas here and hopefully you will find what you are looking for :)

If you don't find travel mates here you can also try samferda.net

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Created: Mar 4, 2009
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Bragi Jonsson Bragi Jonsson moderator I sometimes take people on road trips. 03/08/2009
settapetta settapetta moderator 03/04/2009
Shervin JavdaniShervin Javdani Going to Iceland solo 04/07/2014
Neesara_BNeesara_B Time to check 02/22/2014
Archie MArchie M iceland is cool! 03/23/2014
Sam Lim Sam Lim 04/14/2014
Tariq AzeezTariq Azeez Coming to Iceland!! 04/01/2014
Julia GußnerJulia Gußner because i would love to travel with some people with the same passion! 04/05/2014


Eglisstadir toward Myvatn or Akureyri on May 28-301-

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25 or 26 or 27 Apr Golden Circle + Esja hikingFAST4  04/19/2014
JUNE 24 to JULY 3, SOMEONE TO TAKE US ALONG?Cristina Sanchez-  04/18/2014
Iceland april 2014Sam Carlile6  04/18/2014
Egilsstadir towards akureyri today or tomorrow.Erika Leue-  04/17/2014
north trip apr.18/19Luca Németh2  04/17/2014
iceland sept 2-7 2014Michelle Lane-  04/16/2014
CAR pooling _15th - 26th JUNEVeronika Ohradkova-  04/16/2014
May 6/7 - 10 drivingTHUAN15  04/15/2014
TRAVEL FRIENDS IN JUNE!Vanessa Montalvo-  04/12/2014
July 2014 - travel companionsPaulo Gonçalves5  04/12/2014
Anyone want to join a local for a daytrip from Reykjavík tomorrow? :PÍris Eva Gísladóttir2  04/10/2014
Travel Partner Late April/Early MayShervin Javdani-  04/07/2014
Share car rental May 3rd or 4th - May 8th?LT Eaton-  04/06/2014
Looking for a ride from Rvk to Isafjordur - 17th / 18th Aprilciaran-daly-  04/06/2014
looking for a ride from Böndúos (or around) to Reykjavik next Monday, April 4thMayte Gonzalez-  04/06/2014
SOUTH!MONDAY! car sharing!M Y9  04/06/2014
Car rental to the North!Ashley Bowes-  04/05/2014
husavik, akureyri, myvatn April 7-11Steffi Meyer1  04/04/2014
April-May 2014 car sharingJeff Grant11  04/03/2014
Apr 5-8, our host is renting us their carRowenn771  04/02/2014
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