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Rio de Janeiro - Suburbio


Suburbio (or in english, suburb) is not like the american suburb, at all. It is a periferical zone of the city, where is, depending on the location, quite far from the beaches in Copacabana or Ipanema. But, if you think that the "Suburbio Carioca" has nothing to offer, YOU ARE WRONG!
There is so much to see here! The people are worm and kind, the life is simplier, and everybody smiles at you. We have Maracana and Engenhão Stadiums, the City Zoo, Tijuca Forest, Feira de São Cristóvão (with very nice food and music), Quinta da Boa Vista (good place for picnic), Ramos Big Pool, Penha Church (with a great view of the city), the samba schools like Portela and Mangueira, and lets not forget that everybody enters the city by here: the airport locates in Governor Island, in the Suburbio!
We have the genuine feijoada, the real barbecue (wich is more like an event, not just the food), the real "boteco" and its cold cheap beer; the samba was borned and raised here; the pelada (like a street soccer) is very popular in here; the train, with its uncommon caracters... And much much much much much more!

Rio is not about landmarks; Rio is about fun. And this, we have, big time!

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All the hosters from the Suburbio of the city: unite!

So we can arrange things to do together and create fun things to valorize the place that we live in and show that the fun is also here and not only in the beaches and the South Zone!

Lets get bigger in CouchSurfing!

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Daniel Carvalho PereiraDaniel Carvalho Pereira moderator 03/09/2009
Bruno Lisboa Bruno Lisboa 05/13/2013
Laís MarçalLaís Marçal Sou do suburbio bebê! 05/12/2012
Fábio CostaFábio Costa Because there is nothing more chic than this area. 01/16/2014
Daniel e Priscila SilvaDaniel e Priscila Silva eeeeeuu! 11/16/2010
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Juana LujanJuana Lujan quiero conocer rio 12/08/2010


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