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for all couchsurfers directly or nearly Eisenach. Its a famous town with famous people

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Helene ReschHelene Resch 07/08/2012
Jakob RoschkaJakob Roschka 04/23/2012
Loai TabibLoai Tabib i live there 12/08/2012
SUZIENFRANCESUZIENFRANCE I'm from the region around Eisenach 03/20/2009
Lena StämmlerLena Stämmler 09/24/2012
David SantosDavid Santos I 'm going to be in this city because of work. I want to know people and events :) 12/09/2011
John Hanel John Hanel If I am not able to host a visitor to Eisenach, I can recommend someone else I (get to) know. 03/15/2009


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Flagged postsModerator 1  08/23/2011
Sailing trip for CSers, in Croatia, in JuneDominik Sarapata-  03/04/2014
Need a couch for tomorow 16/09abeskun1  09/15/2013
Eisenach TripNabeel Ahsan-  07/26/2013
Eisenach 28-30.3.Olga Słowik-  03/26/2013
helloLoai Tabib1  12/24/2012
2nd Thuringian Christmas Gathering/Thüringer Weihnachtstreffen Dec. 7th-9th 2012KOOLKARMA-  11/29/2012
CS/Hospitality Meeting Thüringen, Oct 5th, 7pm, Planbar WeimarKOOLKARMA-  10/02/2012
Movie, Beer and Socialize! 17:30 & 19:30 Hrs TodayRamesh Waran-  09/16/2012
Eisenach living newsFriederike XXX1  08/14/2012
Praktikum vom 23.07 - 27.07 bei BoschRobin Beer2  07/24/2012
Invitation: CouchSurfing Cycling Camp OWL "Meet Hermann"Sebastian Lasner-  07/19/2012
looking for rideshare to Eisenach on 14 JulyMartin Chen-  06/16/2012
Invitation to Mont Royal Summer Camp Vol. 6 - 6th till 11th June 2012 in Traben-Trarbach/Rheinland-Pfalz/Germany (close to Frankfurt-Hahn airport)flohfish-  04/19/2012
15. Thüringer CS Meeting, Ilmenau, 30. MärzKOOLKARMA-  03/25/2012
Winter Meeetingg!!!!!!David Santos1  01/18/2012
Letzter Aufruf um mehr als 50 Couchsurfer aus über 10 Ländern zu treffen!KOOLKARMA1  12/06/2011
Thuringian CS-mas, Erfurt, Weimar, Jena Dec. 9-11th 2011KOOLKARMA-  10/20/2011
Welcome new Couchsurfers! Jena, Erfurt and Weimar, Oct 4th-6thKOOLKARMA-  09/30/2011
10th Thüringen CS-Meeting, Sep 16, 8pm @Planbar WeimarKOOLKARMA-  09/14/2011
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