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To keep surfers healthy and fit !

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Created: Mar 13, 2009
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Amjad SaleemAmjad Saleem moderator 03/13/2009
Paul TenywaPaul Tenywa coz sports is my love 01/26/2012
Daniela S.Daniela S. want to do sports 01/14/2013
james Finojames Fino I like sports 11/03/2013
Mads Leonard Holvik Mads Leonard Holvik I like sports :) 06/15/2011
Ilka NeugebIlka Neugeb I love sports 12/18/2010
Kumar Souhardya GhoshKumar Souhardya Ghosh I love outdoor activities 03/27/2014



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Poll: Badminton on SaturdayHUNZAI1  03/31/2009

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Flagged postsModerator 1  01/08/2011
CricketKumar Souhardya Ghosh-  03/27/2014
appartmentsPaul Tenywa-  06/28/2013
looking for a running partner (Kreuzberg)Daniela S.-  05/18/2013
looking for a tennis-partnerfreiburger.bobbele-  05/16/2013
basketballMiriam Franchina1  02/18/2013
Football, anyone?Urdax Ugarte3  02/17/2013
Padeltennis - New Sport from Spain in Berlin !Alexander Hillbricht-  02/10/2013
Looking for Badminton/Squash PartenerGaurav Sharma1  04/12/2012
cold swims40palikaria-  02/15/2012
standup paddling BerlinM.Berlin-  12/06/2011
basketball for funM.Berlin2  07/13/2011
inline, beach or climbingVRKON-  06/08/2011
gym membership 18,50 €/month***Agent Provocateur***-  03/08/2011
badminton , badminton and more badmintonAmjad Saleem-  01/08/2011
Need help to find good dance courses, BitteCharlotte Nicoulaz-  03/04/2010
looking for a sportpartner, jogging or badmintonLui Neumann1  01/23/2010
looking for a tennis partnerLAURA_155  07/02/2009
Any one interested in climbing ?Amjad Saleem-  06/15/2009
Does any one know climbing areas near berlin ?Amjad Saleem1  06/03/2009
Football KickaboutGARRULOUS GüNTHER1-  06/03/2009
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