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Berlin flea market sellers


share the costs-share the fun ;=)

this is a group for anybody who wants to sell stuff at one of the flea markets in berlin. if you don't want to go there just by yourself then you can look for partners here!

1. market (mauerpark, boxhagener platz...)
2. date you want to go
3. what you want to sell
4. how much space you need

others can join you then in this posting.
you have to organize who reserves a stand at the market.

how to make a reservation:

1. mauerpark

2. boxhagener platz

good luck to all of you!

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Created: Mar 14, 2009
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asia.casia.c selling 12/09/2013
Laura BayLaura Bay interested in selling at berlin fleamarkets now and then 07/02/2013
LI-CHIN LULI-CHIN LU berlin 09/12/2013
Maude HaroldMaude Harold i like to sell at the fleamarket 07/24/2013
Zarahlena Frohwitter YrízarZarahlena Frohwitter Yrízar 05/14/2013
Engin ArEngin Ar wanna sell some stuff 10/01/2009
Amber SunshineAmber Sunshine I want to sell lots of my stuff! 01/28/2012
Melanie AmsterdamMelanie Amsterdam i want to sell stuff 03/02/2014


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Mauerpark on sunday 06/12Thoms.Shmims3  12/05/2009
Flohmarkt tomorrow !Jasmin Peters1  11/21/2009
Mauer Park this SundayADAM_BISCUITS10  11/14/2009
Who want to share a Table at Mauerpark Sunday 25/10Daniele Galimberti-  10/20/2009
Mauer park anytime soon?ADAM_BISCUITS5  10/10/2009
08.08.09 , TOMORROWWWWMargherita Grani4  08/10/2009
fleamarkets next weekend? 20th-21st juneMiriam Carmo-  06/14/2009
This Sunday @ Boxhagener Platz: Let's Share a StallDaniele Galimberti2  06/10/2009
who wants to become moderator of this group?NETTERKUMPEL-  06/08/2009
Mauerpark @ 14th june?Miriam Carmo-  06/03/2009
flea market @ mauerpark 17th mayMUTIK1  05/13/2009
flea market @ mauerpark 10th mayNETTERKUMPEL12  05/09/2009
important changes to the whole berlin group and all sub groupsNETTERKUMPEL-  05/06/2009
any flea markets on fridays?SARAH.M-  05/05/2009
any flea markets on fridays?SARAH.M-  05/05/2009
mauerpark @ 19th aprilNETTERKUMPEL3  04/16/2009
flea market @ mauerpark 3rd mayNETTERKUMPEL-  04/14/2009
flea market @ mauerpark 12th aprilNETTERKUMPEL5  04/07/2009
cakes and home made food is forbidden to sell at the mauerpark marketNETTERKUMPEL-  04/06/2009
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