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Rural CS 'Team'


This group is meant for anybody who wants to be involved in the developement of Rural Couchsurfing.

You want to help people to find rural hosts?

You want to spread the word about CS rural?

You need more tools?


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Created: Mar 17, 2009
Type: Public

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*Baptou**Baptou* moderator Rural CS Freak 08/28/2009
Gabriela BallovaGabriela Ballova 12/02/2012
Bill Koons Bill Koons I guess I fit the profile, indoor plumbing is something new. 04/20/2011
Karlis  Karlis Great project 02/28/2014
Succhandan ThakurSucchandan Thakur want to see the real culture...just approaches the rural areas..... 02/07/2012
hasebaldrianhasebaldrian want to start rural maps for austria. 03/20/2011


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  Title By Replies Date
Future of Rural HospitalityMikael Korpela1  04/13/2013
Taylor (xNOTHINGxHELDxBACKx) passed awayDan Jacobson-  03/08/2013
New Map SystemxNOTHINGxHELDxBACKx9  12/20/2012
Our own domain name ruralhospitality.comxNOTHINGxHELDxBACKx6  12/20/2012
Google™ Maps KML vs. My MapsDan Jacobson8  12/04/2012
CS Wiki soon go awayDan Jacobson-  12/04/2012
Rural Hospitality Profile/PlatformxNOTHINGxHELDxBACKx3  11/18/2012
Changing Rural CS->Rural HospexxNOTHINGxHELDxBACKx36  11/13/2012
Rural Goasherin Moraes1  10/26/2012
Linking to WWOOF organizationsxNOTHINGxHELDxBACKx4  10/14/2012
FarmstayGustavo Vieira-  09/03/2012
INDIA - Rural CSKUNWAR2  07/27/2012
Rural CS linking up with Ambassador program formally ... ?xNOTHINGxHELDxBACKx3  07/27/2012
Come to Puglia this summer, in the south of italy!Nadia Spinosa-  07/20/2012
Tagore's Univ Campus in SHANTINEKETAN for real countryside experience.Chiru Sur3  07/10/2012
Couch in Rossignol, Gaume (south of Belgium)Jacqueline Daloze2  07/10/2012
2012xNOTHINGxHELDxBACKx9  07/08/2012
Come to Puglia this summer, in the south of italy!Nadia Spinosa-  06/28/2012
Come to Puglia this summer!In the south of italy!I share my countryhouse!Nadia Spinosa-  06/25/2012
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