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R E u n i o n Thursdays


This is where CS'ers can post anything related to meeting up at the Union bar, we call it ReUnion bar :).
ATTENTION couchsurfers:
We no longer gather at Revival bar, they don't love us - according to many couchsurfers who complained about lack of ventilation (even is Summer times), and lack of space to accommodate so many of us.
This is also where CS'ers will find links to the new comedy episodes of Mr.Thyself Show in which they took part of near the Union bar. PLUS... every iDance music video ever filmed with couchsurfers. Don't know what Idance project is? Shake it out here... http://www.imtv.us
Union bar is conveniently located around the corner from Union Square park.
200 Park Ave South, between east 17 and 18 streets, NYC - (212) 674-2105

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Created: Mar 20, 2009
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Renat Zarbailov Renat Zarbailov moderator 03/20/2009
Ayinde Frederick Ayinde Frederick Cause Revival is where the cool kids hang. 04/18/2009
Ludim MidenceLudim Midence i'm visiting nyc, and i want feel how cs are un this big city!!!!! 09/02/2010
SINGASLINGMDSINGASLINGMD Sounds like fun! 11/30/2010
Jon SukarangsanJon Sukarangsan Revival is where it's at for CS NY, apparently! 04/06/2009
SEEYOULATERALLIGATOR SEEYOULATERALLIGATOR I'm from Marseilles coming Aug 14 until Aug 24 and I want to make the most of it 07/25/2011
Veronica  MaldonadoVeronica Maldonado 07/21/2011
Angela OliverAngela Oliver who doesn't love revival? 03/22/2009


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Hey! Could you tell me when and where you plan to meet between Monday February 24 and March 1?SEEYOULATERALLIGATOR-  02/17/2014
Hey! What about doing some language exchange or exchange some of our skills... Do you want to know more???SEEYOULATERALLIGATOR-  09/05/2013
How could I get in touch again with the couchsurfers who participated in Thursday Aug 18 meeting at Central Bar ?SEEYOULATERALLIGATOR2  08/25/2011
Hi! I'd love you telling me where and when you'll meet between Aug 14 and Aug 24? I'm a solo traveller and I'd enjoy having a good chat with those who are fond of NYC and of great meetings.SEEYOULATERALLIGATOR-  08/11/2011
Where will you meet on Aug 18? I'm from Marseilles and I'd love to have a drink with you guysSEEYOULATERALLIGATOR-  07/25/2011
PLEASE HOST MY FRIENDS!!!Renat Zarbailov-  10/19/2010
i go to ny and want to meet cs just to share some drinksLudim Midence-  09/02/2010
DANCING THURSDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Renat Zarbailov-  07/15/2010
Meetings still happening?Laura Pomeroy1  06/12/2010
iDance WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE (New York) 2009Renat Zarbailov2  10/12/2009
newbyApril Louise-  09/30/2009
iDance SEXY BACK (R E V I V A L bar New York) 2009Renat Zarbailov1  08/14/2009
iDance Project needs your HelpRenat Zarbailov-  08/12/2009
iDance BIGGEST EVER!!!Renat Zarbailov1  08/07/2009
iDance COUCHSURFERS TRIBUTE TO MICHAEL JACKSON <>Renat Zarbailov6  07/23/2009
Mr. Thyself Show 04.02.2009Renat Zarbailov3  05/18/2009
Mr. Thyself show 03.26.2009Renat Zarbailov2  04/04/2009
Mr. Thyself show 03.19.2009Renat Zarbailov4  03/28/2009
Welcome R E V I V A L pips!!!!Renat Zarbailov-  03/20/2009
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