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Welcome to "HH Turkey" group!

Here you can find information about hitchhiking in Turkey and share rides.

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Can AydemirCan Aydemir moderator 03/20/2009
Dogan TurgutDogan Turgut 08/12/2012
Ivan  IvanovIvan Ivanov I like that 03/03/2014
SEFİK SAHİN SEFİK SAHİN Hosting Hitchikers:) 07/22/2012
Moonie81Moonie81 going to hichhike around Turkey 04/10/2014
Can AkalınCan Akalın Hearing hitchhikers stories and nice route plans 02/27/2014
Orhan DokcanOrhan Dokcan 03/14/2014



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Poll: hitchhiking from IZMIR to ISTANBUL(EUROPIAN SIDE) 18JulyAvsarUfuk-  07/18/2013

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second hand camping gear?Moonie812  04/17/2014
Antalya - Kalkan accommodationsOrhan Dokcan2  04/17/2014
Travelling around Turkey from the 1st to the 14th of June 2014Murtaza + Fathema A. Tajbhoy4  04/13/2014
HH around Turkey for 2 months (early May to end of June)Moonie815  04/13/2014
from Trabzon to Diyarbakir.Piotr Mski1  04/10/2014
Journey to Hasankeyf CanionsSEFİK SAHİN-  04/09/2014
HH anywhere in Turkeys.mostafa Saeidian-  04/06/2014
HH anywhere in Turkey and maybe a visit to Armenia + HH to Greece afterAlicia B6  04/06/2014
Travel buddy June-July / Yol arkadaşı Haziran-TemmuzMary Leighton1  03/31/2014
need a travel-mate in Turkey in MarchDavood Soltani10  03/30/2014
travel mate for hitchhike from Istambul to Capaddociabruno Barbosa1  03/21/2014
Looking for someone Hitchhike with me by camping and working while traveling ( volunteer or in some daily local works )Cihan Yayla-  03/19/2014
Turkish Travellers GroupAlper Semerci-  03/14/2014
Looking for a girl/woman to hitchhike with me in TurkeyMohammad Reza Bashiryeh-  03/11/2014
HH around Turkey mid end of March till Beginning of April :DHiba Boujnah5  03/11/2014
travel mate for hitchhike from Ankara to Istanbul :)Ram Yar-  03/09/2014
Newroz: İstanbul-Amed/Amed-İstanbulBegüm B-  03/09/2014
About gas for portative stovesAlexey Smirnov2  03/06/2014
HH anywhere in Turkey march-aprilAhadiat Fahmy-  03/05/2014
Anybody want to hitchhike from Izmir to Ankara, and then KırıkkaleCan Akalın1  02/28/2014
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