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Isn't it always wonderful to meet people and to learn a new language?
Isn't it always frustrating when unable to find a partner?
Here's your solution for doing local language exchange.
Feel free to post information here. Hope it helps.

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Created: Mar 27, 2009
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Towanda1924 Towanda1924 moderator 03/27/2009
franco Martinezfranco Martinez i just wanna improve my portugues 03/26/2014
Maxime CharbonneauMaxime Charbonneau because sounds great! 05/04/2010
Yener SanchezYener Sanchez New in Montreal 03/29/2014
P.Rock P.Rock improve my english! 11/17/2012
Nick Lemay Zekri Nick Lemay Zekri Self-improvement. I want to learn to communicate better 02/03/2013
Olivier LalondeOlivier Lalonde To learn english 01/26/2011
Guillemette Le MassonGuillemette Le Masson I need to practice my English as well as my Spanish, and in exchange, I can teach a bit of French. 04/07/2013


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At Montréal dans 10 jour...Mimi JALLOULI1  04/28/2013
My portuguese for your frenchBruno Ramos1  03/17/2013
My French for your Brazilian portugueseEliane Flora1  03/15/2013
French / ItalianNathalie Dagenais2  02/22/2013
Party/22Fév/22Feb/22h/10pm/Tout Bienvenue/All welcome :DVincent-Léonard Ménard-Gamlin-  02/21/2013
Your french for my Korean/EnglishMeehye Kim1  02/05/2013
Your English for my French!Minh-Anh PHAM1  01/28/2013
you want to learn some german?I´d like to get better with my french :)MOHNMäDCHEN3  01/23/2013
Searching for a good anc affordable language schoolMohamed Abdallah-  01/17/2013
My french for your english from NZ!SARITAS-  01/09/2013
Your French for my JapaneseNatsuki Onodera2  01/08/2013
Mon francais pour ton espagnol / anglaisJean Bruce-  01/06/2013
Your French/German/English for my Spanish/CatalanDolly G. Playà2  01/06/2013
My french for your english from NZ!SARITAS-  01/02/2013
My English/Spanish/Icelandic for your FrenchSigurður Hermannsson1  12/17/2012
Willst du dein Französisch verbessern? Ich muss mein Deutsch üben.Philippe Chaput1  12/17/2012
anyone wants to teach me french?Kasia Jurczak1  11/21/2012
weekly language meeting!?Kasia Jurczak3  11/14/2012
Your english for my Italian end frenchGiuseppe Magro-  10/06/2012
Spanish-english exchange for Octoberluis Pallares-  10/04/2012
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