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Paris is one of the most touristic places in the world, and also a small city actually! So do not forget suburds when you come to Paris. The Haut-de-Seine, Yvelines, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne, Essone, Val-d'Oise and Seine-et-Marne areas are full of CS hosts who would love to host more people from all over the world!

The public transportation system will drive you quickly in the city center, see : www.ratp.fr or www.transilien.fr

This Group concern all the Regions of Ile de France which include Paris and all the suburbs around Paris.

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** Free Underground Party In a Skate Park ** Saturday September 28thDan Bizet-  09/22/2013
*Picnic @Quai de la Loire... "Sunday, September 22nd, 2013"Salim Kantil-  09/21/2013
Weekend Sept 20th in Paris!CLAU_LIFE10  09/19/2013
*Concert: Peter Gabriel 'Paris Bercy' "October 15th, 2013"Salim Kantil-  09/18/2013
The biggest international picnic in PARIS !!! September 15thDan Bizet1  09/14/2013
Looking for a place to skate (roller derby)Clement Nolleau-  09/13/2013
*Free Concert: Stacey Kent "Wednesday, September 18th, 2013" at 6:30pmSalim Kantil-  09/12/2013
Picnic @ île St-Louis "Sunday, September 8th, 2013" at 3:30pmSalim Kantil-  09/08/2013
Looking for someone to share my appartment (low rent)Chris Machin-  08/12/2013
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