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The Dreamtime refers to the Aboriginal Australians metaphysical concept of "time before time". Ancestor creatures came to the Earth and ultimately transformed into the shapes that we see in the landscape today. Their spirits stay alive through their stories.

This group is for everyone with an interest in Aboriginal affairs. Whether it be their art forms, their rather sad history of contact with European settlers or current events, please feel welcome to discuss and find fellow minded people here. It might be that you will come up with someone with a similar interest to couchsurf with.


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Cerrie BeechCerrie Beech Dreamtime Dreamer & Storyteller 12/28/2009
Sanja SanjaSanja Sanja i am interested in aboriginal culture and life.. 04/02/2009
Erin YoungErin Young I respect indigenous Australians and want to engage with them more 10/16/2009
Samukin Little Day ...big SunSamukin Little Day ...big Sun yidaki is soo deep vibe 09/29/2011
ARBRE35 ARBRE35 I will discover Australia in july 2011 and want to learn what is aboriginal culture. 06/12/2011
Mario BiancoMario Bianco Interested in Aboriginals 03/30/2009


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