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Memoria Historica / Civil War and Francoist Holocaust's Memorial


For an International Judgement of Francoist Regime (Hitler's Allied and settled in the Power by Hitler).
For a peaceful des-francoist-ing of Spain (it never got de-nazified, thought needs so much!).
News (In Spanish)
"The man dies in all who keep silent in the face of tyranny" (Wole Soyinka, *1934).
► Franco and his Fascist Dictatorship murdered about 700,000 civilians, 120,000 missing, 30,000 kidnapped children, about 300,000 gunned, over 200 concentration camps...An Ocean of blood and tears...but these Murderers go on being homaging in the current "democratic" Spain (*)
"¡A por otro millon de muertos!" (“ABC”, diario monárquico-franquista de Madrid, 1949). "We're going to kill other milion more!" ("ABC", currently a Bourbonic pro-PP Journal, in 1949, 2 years later Eisenhower visited Franco and signed an Agreement for Mutual Aid).
Mapa de la Memoria
Localizadas 284 de las fosas del genocidio franquista, algunas, como las de València, contenían miles de cuerpos.

Looking for Missing by Francoist Dictatorship, "All their names"
Datos sobre los muertos en la guerra civil abierto por la Generalitat de Catalunya
Los fusilados
Coordinadora de Víctimas del Franquismo
"Devolvednos los cuerpos nuestros muertos y enseñadnos vuestros asesinos en masa"

"The struggle of man against power ... is the struggle of memory against forgetting" (Milan Kundera, *1929).
"...when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are sentenced to repeat it." (Georges Santayana, 1863-1952, Spanish writer).
"A los pueblos sin memoria, les queda pensar desde otro cerebro" (del cerebro que los esclaviza y aniquila).
"Mourir à Madrid" (complete Film)

Hitler provoked Franco's Coup d'Etat (1936) and sent his Luftwaffe to bomb Civilians during the Spanish Civil War.
☆ Spanish Civil War, ended on April 1939, in fact, was the beginning of IId World War, started on September 1939.

"Memoria Historica" is a movement in Spain against an imposed Amnesy (and fully illegal Amnesty in accordance to International Right) for Francoist Genocides and a TransFrancoist "Democracy" which even now are destroying Francoist genocide's graves (e. g., in Valencia) as well as where Franco's ministers and family are currently on the staff of parties or attend schools bearing their names.
This is a country where fascist parties are all legal and where fascist violence is disguised or overlooked by media (over 70 killed during Fascist attacks in only 12 years). Where this Movement is under a partial Censorship.



Memoria Historica
Red ciudadana de apoyo a la querella argentina
Confederación Estatal de Foros por la Memoria
Lista de diversas webs de Memoria Histórica por áreas geográficas
Otras webs por la Memoria Histórica

Memoria Historica - Asturies
Memoria Historica - León, Galiza

Memoria Historica de Valladolid
Foro por la Memoria de Segovia
Foro por la Memoria de la Comunidad de Madrid
Memoria Guadalajara
Foro por la Memoria - Toledo
As. Familiares Ejecutados en el Cementerio de Ocaña

Foro por la Memoria de Andalucíao
Asociación por la Verdad Justicia y Reparación - Granada
Foro por la Memoria - Granada
Foro por la Memoria de Málaga
Foro por la Memoria - Cádiz
Espacio de Foro por la Memoria de Huelva

Foro por la Memoria -Aragón
Asociación por la Recuperación e Investigación Contra el Olvido -Aragón

Memòria Històrica de Catalunya
Comissió de la Dignitat (Retorno a Catalunya del Patrimonio espoliado por el Franquismo)
Memòria Històrica de Manresa
"Víctimes del feixisme", Ripollet
Fòrum de la Memòria del País Valencià
Canal Youtube del Fòrum de la Memòria del P.V.
"La Memoria Recuperada", Memòria Històrica d'Alacant
Memòria Històrica de Castelló
Memòria Històrica de les Illes (Balears)
Postguerra: Catalunya bajo el franquismo

Foro por la Memoria - Argentina


Books, Extremadura (a large Bibliography)
Familiares de Víctimas de la Represión Franquista
Some Reports
Civil War Archeology
On a Massacre against Workers in Vitoria, 1976

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Exile to France
Represión franquista contra el Protestantismo / Francoist Repression Against Protestantism
AntiProtestant Francoist Repression

Abraham Lincoln Brigades
Welsh International Brigaders
Quakers also came to help Civil People in the Republican Area (in the Francoist one only Catholic Church was allowed).

~♫~ "Canciones para después de una Guerra" , a film by Basilio Martín Patino (at 70's)
~♫~ Fosses del silenci

His Ministers' children now control the Spanish conservative party.. "Y aquí no ha pasado nada!" (And here nothing happened!).
But not only: they also control the Socialdemocrat Party
and… http://www.sanjuandigital.com/foros/viewtopic.php?f=8&p=16026
No responsabilities for the genocide, even no request to be forgiven. Spain is only TransFrancoism: "Dejo todo atado y bien atado" (=I leave everything under control and so much under control), as Franco said in its politic Testament.
An important part of Spanish Catholic Church defends --still now-- Francoist Dictatorship and, during the Civil War (1936-39) the Catholic Church dared to declare the Fascist Rebellion against a democratic Government as "a Crusade".
A Crusade on the XXth Century!, in fact, was the beginning of IId World War.
~Campaign towards the Spanish Catholic Bishops: http://acat.pangea.org/campanya/Circular%20n.%201%20castellana.doc
Francoist Militant Benedictins in the "Valle de los Caídos"

Robert Capa's Pictures

The current "Spanish Democracy" comes from an officially denied genocide and every Fascist mass murderer was amnistied:
Spanish Society still has not got really conscience which it's the result of a hidden great Genocide
☼ It is likely as Hitler's ministers' children, GESTAPO and SS were all kept within their power and officially should ignore the Holocaust and no mass murderer were sentenced. What a shame for the entire World!!
Those who have choiced to keep no memory are ghosts, and not to homage heroes who sacrificed themselves for Freedom is a shame and a pain.
Stop to Francoism's Impunity
"Franco is not dead"

Some Campaigns:

☆ http://www.es.amnesty.org/paises/espana/victimas-de-la-guerra-civil-y-del-franquismo/
☆ http://www.afeco.org/index.php/noticias/119-en-solidaridad-con-garzon
Sign in against Francoist sentences, still legal
☆ Lluís Companys ruled Catalonia under IId Republic and Civil War (1933-39) was arrested by GESTAPO in 1941 and delivered to Spanish Francoist authorities which murdered him after an illegal sentence to death penalty. Mr. Companys was the only European President gunned under a Military Court during the 2WW. This campaign is to ask to current Spanish (Socialdemocrats) Authorities to anullate the illegal sentence of Fascist Spanish Dictatorship. Current Spanish authorities at Courts and Army don't want to anullate it. Please, sign in
Francoist Version / Los juícios del franquismo contra la República en versión franquista

George Orwell came to Spanish Civil War and wrote this novel, “Homage to Catalonia”
, the first one of an Antitotalitarian Trilogy with "Animal Farm" and "1984"

198 Methods of Nonviolent Action, by Gene Sharp

Recommended at CS:

Abya Yala / Amerindia : Indigenous Movement, Languages and Cultures
Gandhi, M.L.K. and NonViolence
Human Rights Watch
(*)Democracia real ya!/ For a true Democracy, now

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