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This group has been created because traveling does not just involve finding a place to stay, it involves getting there as well. It was also created because I live in West Virginia and I don't have a car! Also, I know for a fact that West Virginians drive between cities A LOT--to go to meetings, home for the holidays, back to school, activist events, conferences and more. So hopefully this will be a resource that a lot of people will be stoked about and will be able to take advantage of!

The idea behind this group is simple. If you are driving somewhere and you wouldn't mind passengers to help chip in on gas, to have some company, or to feel good about the fact that you're carpooling, then post where you're leaving from, where you're headed, and the date/time if it matters.

Likewise, if you need to get somewhere but don't have a ride, post where you're at, where you need to get, and when you'd like to get there by.

I know Craigslist Ride Share exists, but no one really uses Craiglist in WV and that shit's kinda scary because you have no clue who you're picking up or whose car you're getting into. Also, you have no clue if you guys will get along or if they'll annoy the hell out of you. But with the features that are built into couchsurfing which we've all come to know and trust, these things should be less of a problem here.

Because car seats are like couches with seat belts, enjoy this group!

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Created: Apr 7, 2009
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Laura HerbergLaura Herberg moderator 04/07/2009
Robert AshenfelterRobert Ashenfelter i could be heading that way one day 08/25/2009
GRUNGYDOLLGRUNGYDOLL Its no fun to travel alone 07/18/2011
Trevor Swan Trevor Swan all too often my car is not full enough. 07/23/2009
Michaeland Carrie Kline Michaeland Carrie Kline I think we all need to conserve fuel. 02/01/2013
Ned SavageNed Savage Lookin to share my ride 10/02/2012
Alan Enjetti Alan Enjetti I plan on giving and receiving rides in West Virginia 07/06/2011
Gary Auerbach Gary Auerbach great idea! too many cars! 06/24/2009


Group Posts

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Ride Needed from Huntington to NYC on July 12/13Alan Enjetti-  07/05/2012
going south?LSTAN-  03/02/2011
WV to Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion this weekend!Trevor Swan-  09/18/2009
FYI: Ride offered from FL to Gauley WV (and anywhere in between) Sept 18th-ishEric Thompson-  09/08/2009
Ride Offered Sept. 1: Charleston to Portland, ME and in betweenLaura Herberg-  08/10/2009
Raleigh County to VERMONT? or anywhere along the way...Willy Wickham2  07/31/2009
Ride from Charleston, WV to Kayford Mountain (about an hour) and back, July 18th or 19thLaura Herberg-  07/08/2009