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Brazilians in Germany


This group is for the Brazilians that are in Germany. The Brazilian fans are also welcome to join! ;) Languages from German, Portuguese and English are allowed!!!

Para todos os brasileiros que estao na alemanha e para todos os alemaes que amam nos brasileiros!

Für alle Brasilianer, die in Deutschland sind und für alle Deutschen, die uns Brasilianer lieben

Have fun.

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Created: Apr 11, 2009
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Raphael FicheRaphael Fiche moderator 04/11/2009
Carol MachadoCarol Machado 12/06/2012
Rita ErbachRita Erbach Because I am Brazilian and I live in Frankfurt 02/13/2014
Andreas GeppertAndreas Geppert Estive trabalhando bastante tempo no Brasil - adoro do Brasil e a lingua Portuguesa !! 06/13/2009
Cyntia RangelCyntia Rangel 12/04/2013
Andressa GadelhaAndressa Gadelha Pretendo visitar 04/11/2014
Anne MarAnne Mar would like to return to brazil 12/28/2013
Tatyana DelacroixTatyana Delacroix Ich werde lebe dort 03/01/2014


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