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For anyone traveling on a budget!
Feel free to ask questions and chat to others who may have some advice to offer!

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Flagged postsModerator 4  09/29/2008
Backpacking around Southeast Asia from May ~Keito Homma8  04/19/2014
An unusual request by a young cartographerChris Nichterlein9  04/19/2014
Thailand-Malysia-Indonesia trip companion?Sohail Jumani-  04/19/2014
Backpacking around South America from January 2014 for two monthsHeidi Elewa2  04/19/2014
Anyone coming to Ibiza? from 23th April 2014 for few months, maybe Andalucia, Toscany....(working too)Gergo Ambrus-  04/18/2014
Turkey>Georgia>Russia>Kazakhastan>Mongolia>S.Korea>Japan...Alper Semerci-  04/18/2014
Moroccan tripSUN_DIANKA11  04/17/2014
Goa trip in Maydrkrishnarao-  04/16/2014
South America - Central AmericaJonathan Ortega-  04/16/2014
Around ze world, around ze wooo-orld :) (currently Africa)Stanislav Zegal4  04/15/2014
mexico & central/south america in mayCR0FN3RP1  04/15/2014
Iran and Central Asia in July, August and SeptemberEmilio Martinez2  04/15/2014
Looking for travel buddyHenrik Choo-  04/15/2014
HH from Pai,Thailand to Malaysia :PSnow Queen4  04/15/2014
Hostel or cheap pleace to sleep in Islas Formentera/SpainAna Terra Macedo-  04/14/2014
Airline ticketsLindsay Hill8  04/14/2014
is there any COOL backpacker in CHC ,New Zealand ?Mildka Hairani Silviana-  04/14/2014
Hitchhiking through Europe, searching for tips and tricks.Mathijs Van Berkel2  04/13/2014
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