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This is meant to be a bulletin board where surfers in Monterey (and those who are passing through) can plan events, ask questions and generally get to know each other.

I'll update this stuff the next time I can (like, July)

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a forum for advertising events taking place elsewhere. Salinas maybe, Santa Cruz at a stretch. But not San Francisco and certainly not Detroit.

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Elijah Hassler Elijah Hassler moderator My other second home 05/03/2010
victor  Cruzvictor Cruz Living in Monterey 04/01/2014
Michael MirandaMichael Miranda I live in Monterey 02/17/2014
Andrew Belisle Andrew Belisle I am interested in applying to the Monterey Institute of International Studies. 03/26/2014
TravlinWomanTravlinWoman Have only lived in the area a couple of years, want to make new friends 07/31/2013
Dustin NguyenDustin Nguyen to share this beautiful area 06/02/2011
Ray_Escalante Ray_Escalante Just moved and looking to meet folks 12/09/2013
Tristen ChinTristen Chin 04/04/2014


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Meetups in Monterey?Alex Apostle3  10/29/2012
ride to San Francisco/East Bay/Bay Area today or tomorrow?Gabriela Ivanova-  10/26/2012
1st Ever Ever Ever Albuquerque Couch Crash (Oct 4-7): Columbus Day Weekend - Save the DateASALI M.-  08/12/2012
In town for the Sustainable tourism conference, would you be willing to let me surf 2 days on your couch?Michael Soncina-  08/08/2012
Surfing in MontereyAndi Tyrell-  06/12/2012
In need of couch in Monterey.micasterwild-  05/26/2012
Ventana Wilderness Hike + Pine Valley Fallsdanny-  05/24/2012
Announcing the Boulder Couch Crash, June 22-24!Nicki Seminara-  04/17/2012
Live music @ CarbonesChristopher Heerdt-  03/08/2012
Live Music Meet Up - Round 2Christopher Heerdt-  10/12/2011
Urgent! LAST MINUTE REQUEST for German couple!SUNSHINEBERLIN1  10/11/2011
URGENT!! Canadian hypnotist looking for a kind soul to host me on 24th!!!Jean-Charles Chabot2  09/24/2011
Aussie's first visit to Monterey and Carmel Sep 14-15 ishJonathan Uy3  09/18/2011
Couch Surfing Concert!!Christopher Heerdt-  09/09/2011
Coming to town; friend and I could use a couchMatthew Anscher-  09/09/2011
Coming to Monterey tomorrow, 6th September. Looking for people to grab a drink withJon Shock-  09/05/2011
weekend in san diegoDaniele Gozzini-  09/01/2011
Looking for venues to show a documentary film in CaliforniaDaniela Contreras2  08/23/2011
Need a couch for 1 or two nightsLady_Longstocking3  08/14/2011
NEED COUCH TONIGHT!!Natalie Bohling-  07/18/2011
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