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Little Berlin CS its trip to the wide, far away United States east coast

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More or less a joke to start this group, but as the so many CSer are travelling to Boston and New York with the cheap tickets now, we can all cherish CS, Ourself, Expedia, Expedia Australia, Australia itself, KLM, Northwestern Airlines, Boston, New York, the Yankees, the Celtics, Starbucks and what ever comes our way...

Everybody who signed our constitution will hopefully stay and feed this little group. With their plans, hints, information prior trip and after the return...

Those who manage to hook up with an redhead-freckled-irish man/woman in Boston will get promoted into officer rank (moderator) in this group!

Fans and supporter, even if you cant join on 1 of those trips, feel free to join and let us participate in your input.


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Created: Apr 13, 2009
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Jesús JimJesús Jim plane to Boston 04/13/2009
ROWO ROWO Boston CS Invasion 19.May-24.May 04/13/2009
Simon ChilcottSimon Chilcott plane to Boston 04/13/2009
-Cole --Cole - plane to Boston 04/13/2009
xoveixovei plane to NY 04/13/2009
PHILBBPHILBB plane to Boston 04/28/2009
Julian JonesJulian Jones plane to Boston 04/13/2009


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