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Ollie TupmanOllie Tupman moderator 04/20/2009
Andrew RobinsonAndrew Robinson keep active 05/19/2013
Jeff Althouse Jeff Althouse 03/04/2013
Christin GävertChristin Gävert Love sports 08/15/2013
Roberto GarcíaRoberto García Looking for people to make sport ! 07/21/2012
Eva CambeiroEva Cambeiro 05/20/2013
Gernot Schroeder-WildbergGernot Schroeder-Wildberg like sports 07/09/2011
Konstantin VolkovKonstantin Volkov blabla 02/21/2010


Berlin bicycle / biking tours to the hinterland of town and Brandenburg175131
Berlin Bladers3729
Berlin Board Games100185
Berlin Longboarders243
Berlin Poker66120
Berlin running3811
Berlin Skateboarding101
Berlin - Sport5123
Berlin sports5740
Bike sharing group Berlin131116
Climbing Area Berlin223263
Fight Club Berlin2969
Parkour in Berlin68157
Tang Soo Do - Self-defense31
Tennis - Berlin3834
World Cup Fever1442

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skitrip tomorrow!Natascha Tepass-  01/09/2013
Board gamesChrisNotKrys-  10/15/2012
BEACH-VOLLEYBALL again: this SUNDAY (02/09) 17-19 pmLIMNICLIFE-  08/27/2012
Invitation: CouchSurfing Cycling Camp OWL "Meet Hermann"Sebastian Lasner1  08/24/2012
BEACH-VOLLEYBALL again: this SATURDAY (25/08) 17-19 pmLIMNICLIFE-  08/22/2012
Tennis partnerJose Antonio Sanchez-  08/20/2012
Bouldering/Climbing in Berlin this week...Ever Gonzo-  08/20/2012
Beachvolleyball this SATURDAY (13-15 pm) *AND* this SUNDAY (16-18pm)LIMNICLIFE-  08/16/2012
Beachvolleyball today 17:00 - still need players!LIMNICLIFE-  08/13/2012
Volleyball or beach volleyballRosy LIEN-  08/03/2012
Second-hand bikeFernando Martinez-  07/15/2012
badminton in some nice parkSusana Cruz-  07/12/2012
tennis partnerFerenc Kun1  06/10/2012
basketball 5 on 5Ivan Ralis5  06/02/2012
Ice Hockey in Berlin???Daniel Rosas-Beovide-  05/30/2012
Hula-Hooping??Ella Shearman2  05/29/2012
Anyone up for outdoors swimming pool during the weekend? :-)Christina Atanasova3  05/18/2012
Roadbiking & SalsaNatalie Chwalisz-  05/13/2012
where to buy second hand bikes?40palikaria2  04/09/2012
Event: Outdoor Fitness in Friedrichshain VolksparkSOUZOU-  03/27/2012
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