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Need help with travel well here are some groups that might be able to help

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LAURA_15LAURA_15 moderator travelling 07/15/2010
LIUCLIUC moderator felafel hunter 08/31/2010
Chloe LloydChloe Lloyd to find travel buddies 09/19/2013
Deniz ArslanDeniz Arslan 08/29/2011
Fayrouz HatemFayrouz Hatem 03/08/2014
Piotr JurkiewiczPiotr Jurkiewicz Would like to go from Berlin somewhere nice and hot for a good price in July 03/13/2013
DkroDkro 12/29/2013
Jeff Althouse Jeff Althouse 02/25/2013


Little Berlin CS its trip to the wide, far away United States east coast1568

Group Posts

  Title By Replies Date
search for a good company :)DRIMKA4  12/18/2010
Monat ticket 19-31 December , für 20 eurMarius Marius-  12/18/2010
Looking 4 a place 2 sleep over in Berlin!!Evelien Van Looy1  12/18/2010
Going to Amsterdam on Thursday?Efje-  12/15/2010
Do u need monthly BVG ticket, 15 €???Manuela Genghi-  12/12/2010
Parisien driving from Berlin to home with a stop in Amsterdam. Departure December 5th.Last Host-  11/30/2010
I am driving from Paris to Amsterdam to BerlinLast Host-  11/20/2010
Friday 19th from Berlin to Frankfurt stopping anywhereLIUC-  11/14/2010
need lift between 21 till 23 Nov from Cracow to BerlinNatalie Caroline1  11/10/2010
Just 3 days at Berlin... how to take profit of the time!!Paola del Risco Castro1  11/01/2010
Short trip out of BerlinLauren Schaeffer-  10/16/2010
in the need of a lift direction Belgium ....Frederik Meesters-  10/15/2010
vienna-berlinCelia Liagoura-  10/14/2010
going to prague?Christian Verhoeven-  10/07/2010
Need a lift Berlin to Hamm Friday, 8 OctLIZZY35-  10/05/2010
need a ride from frankfurt to berlin!! 5th or 6th october??Alicia Van Arsdale-  10/03/2010
Railway-Tickets for only 20,- €LIZZY35-  10/02/2010
Need a ride Berlin-Munich 30th Sept.JJ_DOMIEWJI-  09/25/2010
Frankfurt-BremenPau Romero-  09/24/2010
Berlin - Munich 27.09.2010Marina Samokhina-  09/20/2010