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Japan CS group moderators is a place for all active group moderators and CouchSurfers to organize CouchSurfing community and deal with administrative and technical issues.


This group is actually not active all the year around. But this is an only place to share useful information among group moderators, CS ambassadors and CS volunteers in Japan. So the moderators recommend you keep an eye on this group at times.

Members: 50
Posts: 150
Created: May 11, 2009
Type: Public
Moderated: Yes

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Miyuki and Nobu Akatsuka Miyuki and Nobu Akatsuka moderator We used to be a moderator of the Gifu group 05/15/2010
Nessie3 Nessie3 moderator 05/11/2009
Eric Spinelli Eric Spinelli moderator 05/11/2009
T0shiT0shi moderator 05/11/2009
J. Lee J. Lee 01/17/2012
Emily MillarEmily Millar 05/11/2009
Yoshie Honda  Yoshie Honda 01/14/2012


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Snow Festival Dinner Party on Feb. 12 (Sat.)Nessie3-  02/02/2011
5th Annual CS BBQ Japan and Thanksgiving CelebrationSoness Stevens-  11/06/2010
What can we do? We are a moderator of a small group.Miyuki and Nobu Akatsuka4  08/12/2010
Miyajima Obon Fireworks Campout August 13-15thFISH19843-  07/20/2010
Spring Snow Hike and Overnight at the Mt. Soranuma CabinNessie3-  04/13/2010
Snow Festival Party on Feb. 6Nessie3-  01/29/2010
Picnic + Barhopping / 晡のピクニックと夜の 飲み会Nessie3-  09/02/2009
Beach Party at Shingu BeachMies Heerma1  09/01/2009
What is wrong with Money here?MONE Mone11  08/20/2009
The Applications for CS Ambassadors are Open*JanKo*9  07/15/2009
Welcome and はじめましょ*JanKo*13  06/18/2009
Greeting new CS members in Japan*JanKo*1  06/16/2009
Safety and Group Moderation*JanKo*-  06/15/2009
QuestionKazuki Shiozawa2  06/10/2009
International CS day, June 12th*JanKo*1  06/09/2009
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