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For all of us who live on Maui and want to share Aloha!

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Created: May 11, 2009
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Bruce BennerBruce Benner moderator 05/11/2009
Maia TutberidzeMaia Tutberidze I am in Maui and need to know events, meetings, activities happening here. 06/30/2013
Michaela Metzinger Michaela Metzinger I will go there in may 2013 04/10/2013
seraina schlaefli Michele brandseraina schlaefli Michele brand 11/03/2013
BUSHCAMPER BUSHCAMPER trying to get around Oahu, Maui, Big Island 02/04/2014
Ricky SantinoRicky Santino Surfing !! 02/22/2014
MANUEL ASENSIOMANUEL ASENSIO Traveling to Maui next april 2014 03/07/2014
Göran RydbergGöran Rydberg Soon there ! 11/26/2013


Group Posts

  Title By Replies Date
How is hitchiking on MauiMathijsVdPoel-  12/15/2013
Last minute couch - 4 days 24-28 december ?Göran Rydberg-  12/02/2013
Christmas together :-) ! 20-28 December ! Any ?Göran Rydberg-  11/26/2013
Whatsup in Maui December/January? Lonely for single traveler?Magkat8  01/02/2013
Last Minute Request, anyone couch for nice German^Australian Traveler?Magkat-  12/31/2012
Visiting Maui December 7thDOLPHINSTAR-  10/22/2012
See you soon! I'm moving from Santa Barbara to Maui in November! =) Aloha!UNITY1111-  09/08/2012
Free scuba classes in exchange for an internship opportunityLittle Mermaid-  08/31/2012
Moving (back) to Maui in the summer, looking for a place to liveNeal Dixon1  03/06/2012
Visiting Maui 2-20 - 3-7-12PARKIEP-  02/08/2012
Monday Meet-up?Neal Dixon-  06/23/2011
meet up between dec. 20 and jan. 1?Lasha Shaw-Korchynski-  12/20/2010
Need couch next week for a few days, anyone any ideas?Magkat-  08/11/2010
X-TerraLuciana Oliveira-  09/27/2009