Location: Places >> Europe >> France >> Languedoc-Roussillon >> ___ ͇๐ےﮯ̡____☀Pyrénées Orientales / Rosselló (Roussillon) / Catalunya-Nord (Northern Catalonia)

___ ͇๐ےﮯ̡____☀Pyrénées Orientales / Rosselló (Roussillon) / Catalunya-Nord (Northern Catalonia)


Cerca-màrfegues per a la Catalunya Nord / Couchsurfing through Pyrenees Orientales.

Rosselló is the is the original name, as much as the Kunta Kinte's one.
"Roussillon" in French and from the French name to the English one.

* Mape des Pyrénées Orientales

St. Martí del Canigó

† The most ancient Middle Age Parliament was created in Toluges, 10 km. from Perpinyà ("Perpignan") by a Catalan Abbot, Oliba. About 50 years before than the Normand (English) first Parliament in Aquitania, Occitania. The same name itself "Parliament" cames from the Catalan (or Occitan) word "Parlament" because Gasconha/Gascoigne (close Catalonia) was a part of Normand Kingdoms.
“Pau i Treva”: El parlamentarisme medieval europeu començà a Catalunya, a Toluges, a la vora de Perpinyà, de la mà de l’Abat Oliba

~♥ Rosselló is only one of the Five Catalan (+ Conflent, Vallespir, Cerdanya and Capcir) counties or countrysides illegally given by Madrid to Paris after a long War, linked with "30 Years War" (Religion Wars in Central Europe)
These five counties are called firstly by Paris "Roussillon", and more bureaucratically for hidding their roots, "Pyrénées Orientales".

~~Links at Couchsurfing:
Activitats Culturals i Esportives a Catalunya Nord
La Catalogne du Sud (o Catalunya Central)
Salses et Nord du Roussillon
Catalan Lands (Països Catalans)
Catalan Language (Parlem Català!)

Pirineus / Pyrenees (For trekkers, hikers, climbers...)
Aragonese Pyrenees
From Valencialand
Ciutat de Mallorca / Palma

Francoist Holocaust's Memorial
♣ Ecology, No-Nukes ☼ , Animals' Rights, Ecologic Transport & Naturalism❀
TV? No, thanx!
Indigenous Musics / Endangered Languages

Toponímia original completa de Catalunya-Nord (sense afrancesar)
Cantons de la Catalunya Nord

"Le Catalan pour Tous"
■ Vocabulaire indispensable Français-Catalan:
Vocabulaire le plus Usuel
Pour parler Catalan au Cafè

Universitat Catalana d’Estiu (Summer Catalan University), a Prada de Conflent

■ News from Northern Catalonia:
~"La Clau"
"Collectif Oliba", la Catalogne exprimé en français
Ràdio Arrels
News about Catalan Language and Culture in Northern Catalonia
Col·lectiu Joan-Pau Giné
Recommended Broadcast in Catalan
"Cadres Catalans" de Tolosa de Lengadoc
"Angelets de la Terra"
Cercle d'Agermanament Occitano-Català
"Maison de la Catalogne" - Paris

Mapa Comarcal de Catalunya Nord

~~♫ Per a trobar fàcilment una adreça a qualsevol part del món:
~Escriu-hi una adreça
~Per mapes i plànols de ciutats

Sustainable surfing and hosting, tourism with respect to local cultures and the environment

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