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Kichwa or Quechua (qiĉwa), the indigenous Language and Nation, spoken along Andes from Colombia til Argentina
Quechua Language
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Sustainable surfing and hosting, tourism with respect to local cultures and the environment
Quechuan Areas

Quechua Vocabulary
Kichwa Dictionnary
Congreso de laS lenguaS
Amerindian Magazine "Pukara" (from Bolivia and other States)

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Group of the CS Indigenous-Friendly Network. For Cultural Respect and Protection of Native People’s Rights
"Nueva Corónica i Buen Gobierno", por Felipe Guamán Poma de Ayala

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Artiom BrankoArtiom Branko moderator 07/10/2010
Xixur GibelloXixur Gibello moderator 10/16/2011
Ricardo Hijar Ricardo Hijar moderator i want to learn my mother's tongue 01/08/2010
Sonia GenisSonia Genis moderator 07/24/2010
Adriano TruscottAdriano Truscott moderator I'd like to join this group to keep up my Kichwa (learnt in Ecuador) and keep in contact with people who care about the language and culture. I have visited many communities in Peru and Ecuador want to keep on learning :) Yupayichani/Sulpayiki mashikuna 11/17/2011
Angela CisnerosAngela Cisneros moderator 10/21/2009
DIMAPRECISA DIMAPRECISA moderator Imanalla Mashi... me gustaria aprender y practicarlo 04/21/2010
But & EvenBut & Even moderator 05/24/2009


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