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NOTE: For those who are looking for someone to house or pet sit, please write the word "SITTERS WANTED" first. If you want to house/pet sit, then write "SITTERS available" first. This way it will be easier to avoid the confusion.

Well it all started quite accidentally, and more or less incidentally, as I wandered my way around the world - I'd often find my hosts taking off on mini or even long vacations of their own, sometimes even business trips, and I'm left behind guarding the old fort, taking care of the denizens (dogs, cats, whatever).
At first it seemed rather amusing that they would put such trust & faith in me, a mere stranger. But then I came to realize that this is just another of those unique CSing thing. There are many members out there who will be grateful for your staying and tending their pets, plants, house etc. It saves them expensive costs and worries and you get a nice, quiet place to stay while exploring the region! Both sides benefited from each other while helping each other.
But to run things more smoothly, it would be nice to list your expectations & requirements (for those offering) OR experiences & references (for those seeking) to avoid misunderstandings.

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Ben LeeBen Lee moderator 05/25/2009
Jen BeasleyJen Beasley Have successfully coordinated petsitting with surfers accidentally, time to try on purpose! 12/12/2012
SUZANNE76 SUZANNE76 win win situation 05/08/2013
Laurent Langlais Laurent Langlais Spending 2 months in L.A next spring, would be easier for me to housesit 12/28/2013
enginner.senginner.s ... 01/15/2011
SARAMANTSARAMANT SITTER available January 2014 onwards Alberta 12/15/2013
Karina MadisonKarina Madison i move too much to have pets so i want to look after yours 02/24/2014
WALKING AROUND WALKING AROUND Available for housesitting in Europe - I am very honest, responsible, clean, tidy, non-drinker & non-smoker. 10/06/2013


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