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all about Vegan and Vegetarian foods,places,people in Istanbul

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HELENESABINEHELENESABINE moderator trying to get an event going! 03/20/2011
Aysun UçarAysun Uçar 01/08/2012
Ferhat Sirin Ferhat Sirin on the way ! 06/11/2013
Nik-a-Nik-a- 08/02/2013
KEDIDEKEDIDE Cause I am a vegetarian 08/16/2010
Ezra T.Ezra T. 04/27/2013
Cihan BaltepeCihan Baltepe 12/13/2011


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Flagged postsModerator 3  06/28/2011
vegan lasagna and vegan lahmacun dinneroya Kipmen-  07/16/2013
vegan lahmacun vegan güllaçoya Kipmen-  07/11/2013
vegan çiğköfte, lahmacun and pizza eveningoya Kipmen-  07/05/2013
cruelty free vegan pizza dayoya Kipmen-  07/01/2013
9th Free Yoga , Meditation & Mini veg. Picnic !Ferhat Sirin-  06/24/2013
Ukrainian eco-vegi geeks need couch and sustainable friendly host to share experiance.TASHOO2  06/23/2013
Vegan meetingKEDIDE-  06/19/2013
İstanbul March to close slaughterhousesoya Kipmen-  06/14/2013
Lets meet at vegan kitchen in Gezi Park!KEDIDE-  06/13/2013
8th Free Yoga, Meditation & Mini veg. Picnic on 15th June !Ferhat Sirin-  06/11/2013
Tüm mezbahalar kapatılsınoya Kipmen-  06/10/2013
meeting at asian sideSusanna 2  06/10/2013
How to find good TOFU and a good pro-vegetarian Endocrinologist in Istanbul :) Could you please help me?:)MICHELLET1008  06/09/2013
Everyday I'm Capulling- VEGAN POTLUCK GEZIPARKoya Kipmen-  06/07/2013
Tüm Mezbahalar Kapatılsın! (İstanbul) June 15,Caravana Economades Activistas-  05/24/2013
Vegan Picnic at Moda seaside...Yummyoya Kipmen1  05/23/2013
Have you heard about Veggie Pride Parade Geneva 2013 ;)?Martyna Urbańczyk1  05/14/2013
1st Veggie Pride Parade in Istanbul, Kadıkoy 18th May 2013 - 1. Vegan-Vejetaryen Onur Yürüyüşü 18 Mayıs 2013Bratya Azadi-  05/14/2013
Vegan piknik - Vegan picnicBratya Azadi-  05/10/2013
Lets have a vegan picknick! 12nd of May, KadikoyKEDIDE-  05/09/2013
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