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all about Vegan and Vegetarian foods,places,people in Istanbul

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HELENESABINEHELENESABINE moderator trying to get an event going! 03/20/2011
Aysun UçarAysun Uçar 01/08/2012
Ferhat Sirin Ferhat Sirin on the way ! 06/11/2013
Nik-a-Nik-a- 08/02/2013
Cihan BaltepeCihan Baltepe 12/13/2011
KEDIDEKEDIDE Cause I am a vegetarian 08/16/2010
Ezra T.Ezra T. 04/27/2013


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Flagged postsModerator 3  06/28/2011
World Vegetarian Day : 1st October 2011Bobo_lost_his_ukulele-  09/30/2011
Meeting: ***lovely Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant*** Thurs 29th SeptNoam-David1  09/26/2011
Organic food and meat replacersJoris Depouillon2  09/26/2011
kumpir party - let's make our own!!HELENESABINE3  09/26/2011
Lovely ***Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant*** Thurs 22nd Sept >>> (Hurry! strictly limited places!)Noam-David1  09/21/2011
Two guys are searching for a couch somewhere in Istanbul from 19th to 23th...Sebastian ...-  09/18/2011
Vegan potluck on Sunday 18th September ?Bobo_lost_his_ukulele1  09/18/2011
French student need a couch, & tips, around Beyoglu/Tarlabasi/Mimar Sinan uni, in order to find a flat.Margot Clerc-  09/16/2011
vegan potluck - this week it's a picnic!!HELENESABINE1  09/11/2011
this sunday's potluck: PICNIC IN THE PARK!!HELENESABINE-  09/06/2011
4th of September, at Kedi's place. Sharing, Cooking, Eating and Painting this time!KEDIDE4  09/04/2011
Anyone like to host a cycling vegan next week?Richard Shore-  08/05/2011
Vegan surfing in Istanbul?CAROKKO-  08/05/2011
First vegan potluck of August at Kedi's place, please join!!KEDIDE7  08/04/2011
whey protein concentrates or amino liquidsppendragon5  08/01/2011
24th july - potluck at my new place - please join and register :)HELENESABINE1  07/24/2011
24th july - potluck at my new place - please join and register :)HELENESABINE-  07/20/2011
Meeting listKEDIDE5  06/28/2011
vegetarian & vegan meeting istanbul, 26th may, iranian ispiredHELENESABINE1  06/27/2011